Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Christmas Party

The night of this Saturday was a merry special one. Because it would be the last time all the Erasmus students here in Budapest from Natalia, Adriana and Paula's uni were going to be together, so it became set that this date would be a dinner party! Everyone cooked something (majorly from their mother country) to share a last gathering time with lots of world culture in between.

From cakes, to cookies, soup... even some deserts...! this was a dinner that had nothing but full table. Everyone was merry and so did our stomachs. Many and broad were the conversations and, for me, who was sort of like an outsider, this gave me an opportunity to meet some new more people and share some histories!

Many, many hours later, sleepiness already was ashore - some from the Polish night, others just from exhaustion and fatigue. Almost everyone had already left, but some still remained. As we were about to leave for a failed attempt to go to a bar, I looked back and saw them, chit chatting with each other, wondering how longer would these crazy people leave to allow them some well deserved rest. Still, just before we all left, I managed to grab this instant of the Three Marias, with an eye resting, the other half-asleep, but very merry indeed.

And for now, we stay here.

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