Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Budapest (revisited)

This post is not about my visit at Budapest, but rather an indeed technical experience I did, before heading to the city in which I took the photographs I am about to show you.

This idea came up with a conversation with Sofia, where she wondered about the outcome of a 35mm film with perforations (like the many holga cameras do allow) this match sparkled a burst of ideas and little tweaks I could attempt to do and make an experience with it.

I got some rolls of T-Max 3200, got the 120 film holders, tape, 120 paper carrier and in a closed closet, where I stayed for about 20 minutes, trying to fit the 35mm onto the medium format protection paper.

And there not much else you could possibly need. All to be assertive is making sure the film is correctly put onto the new medium, roll it back nice, tight and leak-less of light, put it on the camera and be ready to shoot!

The next thing to have in consideration is where you are on the actual location and you get a good spot or moment to take a memory of. I was shooting with a Rolleiflex T, and because the camera I was using is different from the film I carried, what you see on the screen is not actually what is going to get embodied on the film (6x6) but more like a panoramic image ration, with the addition of labels, such as film type, shoot number and sprocket holes.

When the rolls were shot and I was back to London again, it was time for process and scan them. The process was the old fashioned three-step develop way that, according to the chart list, I saw the times required to make a good development. Scanning however was a rather different story. Because of the size of the film, the film holders for scanners do not exist, hence making us to find ways of doing the thing around. But it can be as simple as putting the 35mm on a 120mm film holder, and now you can see the wholesome of your pictures!

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