Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Finding Eire

It's April, my friends. The rain is falling here, in the big city and the uni isn't going that great. London is  making me loose my direction: I'm getting lost inside this urbann jungle.
The answer stumble upon me when my room mate asked me, in a very umble way 'St Patrick's day is coming' and the Easter holidays getting closer. Why not see if it's affordable?' Wrong - or right proprosal, my dear. And challenge accepted! Soon enough, not even an hour later, I found some cheap flights to Cork, from London and, full of excitement I called my mum hat, being mom, that showered me question about where would I be sleeping, with whom I was going, to which I replied 'Well, it's such a short notice trip that probably I'll go alone'. Wrong answer. One that made her insist so much about changing this idea that lead me to call a very good friend of mine, Zoe, whose reply to my proposal was the best I could ever imagined!

And so, with 30£ on the pocket, a camera and a travel mate, I set of to the land of the green grass and leaprechauns!

Through 7 days and 6 nights, we traveled the west side of Ireland, all the way from Cork to Galway, southwest to Dingle, and again back to Cork, with stops in Limerick, Ennis, Newmarket on Fergus, Cliffs of Moher, Killrush and Killarney :)

This trip was medicine to me, and it made me see how important doing this is to me. Also, this jourey inspired me to write more about what I do, rather than showing just photographs.

Also, this particular happening shall be put on a book format!

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  1. Tens fotografias lindas aí, João.
    Tenho saudades tuas (:
    Um grande beijo.