Saturday, 4 August 2012

FEST - what else?

On the first week of July, in Espinho, Portugal, film lovers had the chance to spend an entire full-on week of film activities. From workshops, masterclasses, lectures to screenings and viewings, this festival stands as one of the most prominent young film festivals in Europe.

Luckily, I had the chance to work with them. Starting from September, I was contacted by them to work on the advertisement for FEST, which consisted on the making of 3 photographs, with 3 different concepts, being each one applied to a separate section of the festival, which were Workshop, Film Screening and Social Environment. Of those the result was the following:

Even though I made 3 photographs for the festival, the organisation ended up not using the last image, maybe for it might have been a bit to strong tor the ambience of the social life of the Festival, even though the art director was very pleased with the final outcome. Anyway, not putting any client's taste, I was very pleased to work for these images and I need to thank Areias, for the paciente to be photographed and all the time spent making this!

But enough about the advertising. The Festival, whose 2012th edition lasted 5 days, was a whole bunch of happy surprises! From the warm audience, made of very enthusiastic and incredibly talented people, not only from film (both student and professionals) but also from other fields outside it, such as biology, for instance; the blend in and tranquility of the festival that, even though it is an international gathering and it brings very big names such as Scandar Copti, an oscar nominated director, Matin Walsh or Tom Stern, to name but a few and yet, the almost home environment that we can feel, while there, due to the break of stigmas or to better describe it, a felling of a break of superiority - not respect! - where both the person invited and the audience are and speak at the same level, no prejudices included. And to see this in such a lively space, how can one not enjoy seeing and talking with such grand people, where the ingredients are of such quality?

Workshops during the day, screenings and 'forró', as we sometimes call it, at night. But this is not just an excuse to stay up late and drink. It is also where people might become the most relaxed and cosy. It is where there is more room for fun - outside the working space - and socialisation, or Super Bock should review the concept of their advertisement, because what they show us is not true! (just kidding). Still, what one feels during the day, is mirrored at night, with a lot of dancing, a lot of talk as well, tiredness on people's bodies, after long days with barely no sleep, but like the majority would say 'It's FEST, what else/'

I heard about this festival two years ago, when Eduardo Serra came to this same festival to give one of his first masterclasses on his life. Unfortunately, I didn't attend it. 3 months later I was working for the same festival. What can I say about it? It's FEST, what else? :)

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