Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Graphic

June 16, 2012

This date marked a very unique event at Kilburn High Road: what was gonna be remembered as the beginning of what can be a path as a concert/event's photographer. Let me further envolve you.

There I was, at home, after the shoot of an incredible film and a proper rest, looking at my room and my stuff and starting to organize everything for my forthcoming trip back to Porto, seing my family again, being in Porto, feeling the warmth and heat everyone around there, see the SEA and smell the saltiness in the air! All of this was going on my mind when I get a message from Laurent, inviting me to go to one of his gig's, happening at the 'The Good Ship' and photograph it' Even though he wouldn't be able to pay me for the job, we would let me in free of charge and pay a few pints.
I was about to leave London for a bunch of months. Had my backpack to be set up and the room cleaned and going out to photograph for a bunch of ours wouldn't stop me from not making what I had to do. Also, that was a part of London I hadn't been to so it was also an opportunity to see a bit more of the millons of corners of London.

And so I said yes.

Got a bit later than arrange because of the traffic in London, but also because I misunderstood the venue for another gig he was gonna throw at Camden Town. However, there was not much of a issue about that as the arranged meeting time was set for about two hours before the actual gig (for a few group shots).

As I finally arrived, and relaxed for a bit, the work started. Even though I had no predetermined idea of what kind of frames I wanted to get, it wasn't very hard to see that bricks would be a constant on the photographs I was gonna make. Quite easy to manage, a few shots were enough to make them happy. And if the client is happy, so am I!

At 9.30p.m. their gig started. Although I never had listened to their music, it wasn't to hard to know what kind of band or what gender of music they were gonna play. What I was surprised though, was the way they captivated the audience, when compared with the other bands playing there. And that, adding the photographer on stage, almost make the band feel superior (not necessarily better) to the other ones, in the sense that they are conscious about their position, as a band and know what their goals are; that there is someone interested in them rather than looking for someone to look after them.

Anyway, the pub was a bit odd, in terms of space, although I might say it is a good spot to throw some gigs and the photographs pleased the band, to the point when I was told that with the quality of the photos I was taking, it would be really easy to earn quite a lot of money out of it, which was a surprise for me, because of the lack of notion about the practiced prices.

A nice energetic venue and good time spent listening to some emerging music which we might have the chance of be listening on the radios, soon!

Wish you the best of luck!!

UPDATE: If any of you got interested on the band, please visit them on their facebook page The Graphic

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  1. Loving it Joao and loving the photos mate, and yes soon to be heard on radios as we release our EP!!!