Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Honesty - behind the claquete

On the past days from 13 to the 15th of June, I was invited to work as a gaffer to the most recent work by Karin Capuano, soon to be released (can't wait for it!) titled 'Honesty'. Even though I am not allowed to say much about the content of the motion picture - it will be updated once I get permission to do it -, I can show some of the insight of the 3 nights we spend organising, setting up and shooting for what is about to become a very interesting film!

Even though I am hiding a lot of details about this project, I can tell you that this proposal came almost by 'accident'. You must be asking yourselves 'By accident? What does he mean with that!!'
Well, the fact is that I was at her house with some friends, when Karin got in in a rush, with her producer, just to get some stuff she had forgotten and head out the minute after. However, I said hello to her, the moment before she left the house and asked her what was the matter. In the middle of the conversation, getting excited about the picture, I offered myself to do anything to help them out - I was on holiday already - to which she said 'Of course! I'd love you to make some stills, if that's alright'.

Being happy, but not the happiest, because it would be really neat to have a more important duty on the creation of it - not saying that being a still photographer is bad! - I carried on with my life.
And it went very smooth, with no big events... you know, just a regular, tranquil day. Until... I got something that changed everything on the making of 'Honesty'

Karin, who first had asked me to be the still photographer, was know asking me to play as a gaffer. For those who don't know what a gaffer is, he basically plays the role of head of the electrical department meaning that I was setting up the lights to the likes of the director!

This news made me incredibly happy, knowing that I was gonna be playing one of the most important roles after the director and director of photography! That also revealed how much trust someone had put on my capabilities, to the point when, during the shooting of the motion picture, no one was telling me what to do, as I almost had scripted my idea of lighting to the scenes, of which were just what the Karin was looking for (this also saved her a lot of worries, giving her room to think about other issues).

As for the inspiration, in terms of lighting, from what Karin told me what the film was gonna be like, I found Eduard Grau's cinematography from 'Single Man' to be one to be inspired by to the design of the light, and the result was what you are just about to see!

After 3 days of shooting and preps from 6 pm - 6 am,
a well deserved power nap during the final shots.

Lovely working with all of you and look forth to see the final outcome! :D

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