Monday, 30 July 2012

The folk back

Like always, one has to go back home. After the end of the festival, I got a lift back to Angers but, even though the city looked very friendly, tiredness was way to much for me to adventure myself walking and finding a place to crash so, after a few messages, I got my train back to Tours and stayed with Carol for another two nights, of which I was able to see the city again but on this time, adventure for other parts that I didn't go before.

So much love in the air!!!

I really find funny the sac of potatoes, waiting to be picked up inside by it's beloved one ^^  

Also, because of it's size, being there for a second time allowed me a lot more time to sit on the cafes to read, draw and write for a while, while enjoying the beat of it's people.

Because of my time spent at the cafes, I had the most unpredictable episode ever! In the morning of my flight, I head to the cafe to kill some time, while having a wake up coffe, watching the city waking up, trying to learn a bit more of my very rusty french. Everything was running smoothly when a girl - around my age - came closer to me and asked me for what I thought to be a lighter. Went to my bag, looked for it on the pocked and, when finally with with and turned to her, she had left. However, there was a surprise for me: a lucky strike cigar with a phone number!
When I got notion of what had happend, I looked around, trying to understand if that was real or a   prank of some sort. But no one came, leaving me to the very moment of illumination: someone just gave me a phone number on a cigar!!!!
Truly indescribable!

Indeed a wow of a trip, and a yay of a accomplished one!

Even though a bit sad for be leaving France so early, I am really glad for making here, as this smal walk around opened a couple of doors for the incoming month's festivities!  ^^

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