Monday, 23 July 2012

It has been found!

And it is Folk Music!!

The road up to Damada was a very funny one, to say the least. Full of lifts - I got 5, not including the one straight to the folky festival! This happened because of my choice of taking the national road rather than heading close to the motorway thus allowing me to have a more relaxed, longer journey up in France.
The day of the hitch was a long, hot day. Even though I got my stops, it also had it's walkable moments and they were not few, nor little some times. It started right after the sun came up, and as the sun was half-way between sleep time and lunch time, I was arriving at Coulans s/ Gée.
The small little village, with long wide roads, thin tiny houses - very cosy though - were the stage for what was gonna be on of the most admirable festivals I've witnessed so far.
Following the signs, I ended up on this football field, now place for the many tents that would be placed there.
My tent though, wasn't there yet, as Lena was still on her way down from Rennes here. It was amazing though for because of this, I met an amazing, and big! group of dutch people with whom I spend a lovely time with and also got to know some very interesting things, such as other festivals were I might go in the future! hehe

Every festival I go it rain, but only for one day/night! Truth be told, I find it very odd

Green, hilly pastures, incredible, warm sunny weather. Horses, feeding of the healthy grass, showing off and making those walking pass looking at them in awe, this was the surrounding of this small grand gathering.


Lovely people, from many different countries - 12 at least, from my counts - bringing their own music background and dancing styles, blending at the sound of amazing music, some of which have inspired me for life, and an energy that makes you wanna dance all day and all night, non-stop; just feeling the music, reacting to what is being played - or sang.

by Yann Ontsa-Ontsa :)

Divided by both dancing and music workshops, during the day and balls following jam sessions at night, are that very ancient recipe for a whole day of intensity and good fun. Amazing dancing workshops, particularly the junction between musicians/professors that set the quality of them very high in the bar, giving me the skivvies when thinking about how the night balls would be like.

As the day would set, everyone would make their dinner and get ready for the big, long night of dancing that was waiting for us. Some relaxation before the gigs, more towards the end of the festival, due to tiredness and bad nights of sleep - to much dancing - we are all waiting for the music to come: pure magic and joy!

From the simplest cercles to the most elaborate valses, every dance had a tingle in it. Not one of uncomfortableness but rather a very intense and unbelievable felling that was running on my body. Nonetheless to say that, every night was full on of dancing, until the very last chord - appart from the second night when I went to the tent to get my camera and the tent took hover me hehe 

Every festival/folk gathering that I go to has a different mood to it. However, all of them share the same basic things: friendship, companionship, share, love for the food ^^ music, dance - obviously - and most of all, love!

Thanks you all!

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