Tuesday, 10 July 2012

If Mohammed is not going to the mountain...

.... the mountain shall go to Mohammed.

Literally speaking, this is how it happened. This uni's year was a very busy and time made me not be able to fly back to Porto, not only because of uni but the will to discover new lands on the map. The consequence of this act was having two people knocking at my door, around the first two weeks of April, where they stayed for about a week.

During this period of time, we had the chance to see London, again :p catch up on the news and whereabouts of each other, show the work done up to that time, some music, some laughs... basically have what has been missing during one's absence - if not by communication, by distance.

Still, it was a lovely time we spend together and, even though we had some rough - regular London days - weather, that didn't stopped us from doing what we had to do and see.

Let's see when they're coming again to face the urban jungle, where a moving mountain lives!

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