Saturday, 8 December 2012

Portuguese Pest's day; Polish Buda's evening

This day, for a change, was not particularly hungarian. To say more, it was a very portuguese day! Not for the things we did, but for the company, that was only portuguese. Me and Natalia met Maria (a Natalia's friend from Lisbon) to have lunch, at a simple, cheap yet delicious chinese restaurant, where we had Ramen. However, my struggle to heat with the sticks was too much and I only managed to eat half of what was served. Don't worry though, for the rest came home to be eaten later.

After lunch, light was already fading, and Maria suggested a Tea house called Sirius - the country -, stating to be very cosy, friendly and very nice to spend some time together and hang around. And following her lead, we marched.

After a quick journey on the metro, we left. Facing the fresh breeze and cold air, we walked and in no time we arrived. Hidden enough not to be accidentally found, if not only but the frosted glass that adorned the door entrance. Going down a flight of stairs and another door, we would go inside of what seemed like a tea house playground! Let me explain why. The house had three separate rooms. One with regular tables and chairs, like a café, and the other two with low tables, likewise the Oriental style, pillows to seat on and this area was non-shows only, which I found very homy. With small rooms and second levels for people to "hide" in and be, if that's the case, be in a very intimate, isolated room, just for themselves. And it was in this tea house playground that we sat down, had a hot drink and chat for hours and hours, untile we lost notion of time...

When the night was getting serious, we head home, made some dinner and went with Adriana, whose brother and three friends had just arrived on the same day, to one of her friend's house, to have a Polish night. What is a Polish night, you might ask? According to Polish tradition, Vodka is a common drink, like water is to some countries (just kidding). So, its nothing but natural that we, being in a Polish house, with more than many Poland natives, drank water until we all became very merry!

And for now, we stay here ^^

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