Monday, 10 December 2012

On the outskirts of Budapest

The days are already being counted down. Having very good experiences and others less good, but indeed worth the travel, I set out to the outskirts of Budapest, to see how the big capital would be and also how much of a difference was from it and the surrounding areas.

Not having planned to go very far off Budapest, I set out only a few kilometers of the edge of the biggest city of Hungary and started wondering. Because I had no money, all I could do was walk explore.

Very rural Hungary looked, or to say more, what I saw seemed to be like. It also looked that many of the people would probably work either on the surrounding areas or ones with residency there, but fellow workers of the major hungarian cog-wheel. Many cosy houses, some more than others, were everywhere likewise the wildness of their forest. And here, I really felt that nature is predominant and people are less powerful, if you want to call it, that Her.

Such feeling, notion of having to be worried about our equals less, but nature more was very freeing and a-one-to have more, and more, and more.

Little houses, little roads, little tram lines. Everything was not small minded, but humble. All around this area was just as big for what people should aim. Enough to have all the commodities one might want, but small enough not to compromise the landscape to much. And as I think of this more, the more I realize big cities are the consequence of reckless, selfish and over-look for safety and comfort.

How much beauty is here on this village. All is more of contact. You see some fields, some horses eating the last impressions of grass before snow and frost take all that is left; people patiently wait on the stop for their transport to come. And even here, the same bus seems to run slower than the same journey in the capital, again. Here, everything rose up. The buildings, the noise, the traffic, the rush, even for a city like Budapest, seemed excessive. And shouldn't excess be something to try to avoid?

People would rather take the bus or metro for 5 minutes over the fun of walking or thrill of cycling. People'd rather not go out because it's raining over the magic getting soak and wet and uncertainty of the outside! Well, I don't know about you but for me, there is nothing but a good history and experience, and that is something I won't definitely have if I'm seat on my coach, zapping through the channels all day long. So, instead, I go out. And this is what I get.

And now, we stay here.

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