Thursday, 6 December 2012

Incoming! Budapest

Late in the evening I went to the northern airport of London, despite it not being London anymore, to wait to my flight. I don't know for sure the reason that made me leave so many hours before my flight, but I'm glad it was done this way. Spending some hours in the airport have this feeling of break and pause. We can sit down and appreciate, dwell in our thought and stand still while the rest of the port of the air keeps its very own pace.
On time to do all with ease, I went inside towards the departing gate, only to be stopped by the control check, for reasons that I still don't understand. Anyway, I had to see my bag being completely undressed, while I was chatting with the man that was inspecting my bag about analogue photography and it's past hobbyist games with photography. Unfortunately, he said nostalgically , because of his two daughters, time didn't allowed him to keep up with the passion. A quick check on the bag for unseen chemicals and I carried on, to go to the plain that would take me to Hungary!

Not having sleept nothing but on the coach to the airport, I could say that the flight seemed to have taken but a second. As soon as we took of, the landscape became white, in contrast to London's cool, dry weather. After a first turn to the right, I fell fast asleep, only to wake up in hungarian borders!

Another country, another language. A thousand more possibilities. This is how I was feeling, when embraced with the chillness Budapest. Following Natalia's guidance, I took the 200 heading to the centre but, before arriving there, I swapped to the metro, that took me straight to here we were to meet.

The buildings, the bus and metro have a grungy, old look that made my eyes shine. They have a loot of character, the same way their people do. Not much is to be said about them yet, for I didn't see much so far. What I can say is that, after a couple of hours catching up with Natalia about her doings, I feel ready to start getting to know the city, their people and what lies in between.

For now, as usual, we stay here.

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