Monday, 5 November 2012

The mushrooms still dance

Later on, a while after the sun had set and before our feet got loose on the floor, we had a last dinner with everyone. Many people had came from far off; next day was going to be of travelling for most of them, thus making everyone wonder what time or by which way everyone was gonna go to. Despite the board with requests and offers for lifts, most of the people at the festival were friends already; ones that you don't see everyday. This makes the following night become way more emotional that the rest of them. It is like this sort of magic and melancholia around the act of dancing until the end of night. 

Many smiles and laughs, but already a feeling of close separation. Everyone was giving all to make this festival last, and be memorable. Like the food still was! It's something that we can never expect. It gets always better and better. It is almost unbelievable.
With warm, cosy and happy bellies, absorbing the magic food, we waited for the music to begin and set pace to the night. With Portuguese Traditional Music, Morison, Catalonian, French, Breton, and Scandi Folk (sorry if I missed out any), we danced up to our hearts content. People were wild, intense and beautiful. It made me see why I went there and why I still carry on going to folk festivals! 

The night went on and one, and we danced and danced. After the arrangements had finished, we gave room for jam sessions and until around five in the morning we danced, and danced, and smile, and gazed, and saw wonderful things happening; not only music, not only dance, but love. There was plenty to give and share.

Because there is no skint without sharing.

And for now, we stay here.

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