Friday, 16 November 2012

CaDansa - On my way!

My, oh my! I am going to Netherlands! It's been a while since I went to a new country - around 8 months - and I was thrilled! This time, I wanted to have time to do everything right. No need to rush, no running around... just plenty of time to do it all. But I believe that they didn't wanted that to happen. I got to the coach on time; but when I got to the airport... that's when it all started. First, the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport wasn't the one my flight was gonna leave from, thus making me put the whole trip to the Low Lands in risk. 

Yet, after a few diggings, I manage to swift my flight to one departing from the North Terminal of this same airport. Despite all the trouble and worries, I moved up and waited, for about four hours on the airport, after all the resolutions, before I was able to see a gate designated for the flight I was about to take from. A mere 45 minutes flight journey, if you're travelling from Amsterdam from London but doing the other journey around, it expands. Time shifts and it become an one hour, forty-five minutes flight. Courtesy of Ryanair!

Yet, at around tea o'clock, I was leaving british ground to land around 2 hours after at Schipol Airport, in Amsterdam which, considering it to be the second largest airport in Europe, only surpassed by Heathrow Airport in London, the waiting time for the plain to station and the walk to the exit seemed to have no end! Still, I managed my way out, but not yet as the rail station itself had connection in the same building, to buy my train ticket to go towards Utrecht. After a fail to get my ticket at the vending machine - it was asking me to pay 239€ for a one way fare - I got my student ticket to Utrecht for 8,9€.

There I landed; there I stayed; from there I left. 
Not yet to truly see you, Amsterdam.

Already after dinner time, I was received by Enrich at his place. A brief introduction and a quick unload of the "house", and I left again to the already started CaDansa, on a bicycle because we are indeed in Netherlands, the lands of the bicycles. I didn't took any photographs of this first night, so happy I was being there, with the folk family again; all the music and dance, joyfulness and happiness. The smiles and care on people's faces is something to be astonished by. And because of that, because of the reason why I did all this way here, I didn't take any photographs. Not because I didn't wanted to take any, no. The reason why I went there was to feel this again, and not to take photographs. Photography comes as a tool to paint the light on.

And this is what happened tonight, thou more is to come!

And for now, we stay here.

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