Saturday, 6 October 2012

Carambal, mon ami

The sun was yet to be seen, already was I exiting the coach that had taken me all the way from London to Paris, were I would spend three amazing days dancing, discovering the city and of course, spending a great deal of time with incredible people.

Having arrived so early to Paris (Alizée was still asleep) gave me the opportunity to go around a while and see the sunrise over the Eiffel city. Despite my walks, I soon realised about my dead phone and thus, the inability to get in contact with Alizée and thus, manage to get to her place. This made me go around a few blocks until, near Louvre, I manage to find a free-internet shop where I managed to get online, hence managing to top charge my telephone and consequently comunicate with her.

Soon after I was at her place, which is quite near Montmartre, and people were starting to put a small street market on. Time to rest a while and wait for the rest of the group, still on their way to Paris; to Carambal.

When everyone arrived, a little chat, some tea and many laughs, we head out, to see Montmartre, and the yet to re-discover bits and dips.. A few hours we spend, catching up or knowing the newly-made companions, while trekking  up the steep roads that lead to Sacre Coeur. Many clouds hovering the sky were making preparations for a rainy festivity day but yet, we carried on, for no rain would be impediment of having a good time of the little hours we had to be there.  

We hence moved on and, close to the time the ball was about to begin, we head back to put some food on the belly, rest and get ready to dance a whole night long!
Immense traffic, a lot of rain and a little delay didn't make any difference to our mood. Rather, it made us more anxious about what was about to happen! As we goot in, we realised a grand space, big and wide like a warehouse, split into two: one of the divisions was the stage zone and the opposite, on the right, the restauration space, with amazing crepes and cakes; a cloakroom for everyone to hang their rainy coats and extra layers.

The ball itself started at 7.30pm... already past half six in the morning me and a still big group of yet resistent ones were dancing, and playing or just hanging a bit more until our bodies could not handle any other step. It was what indeed happened to me! While dancing with Lúcia, until my body, wrecked by so much dance, crashed on the ground, along with her, in a bumbling way. No need to say that, once we got to the ground, we couldn't stop laughing by what had just happened and, despite laughable, my body shouted "this all you danced at Carambal".

This said, hugs and kisses given, I went towards the metro. The only issue about taking metro at this time of the morning is that the tiredness on my body was so much that every seat on the metro seat felt like the best mattress ever. This lead to have to change direction and metro three times before I was able to exit on the right station.
No need to say that wen I go home, I crashed almost immediately to recharge batteries.

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