Sunday, 7 October 2012

Carambal, the day after

Still, on the same day of Carambal, at around lunch time I was woken up by the rest of the house; a quick wash, some clean clothes on and we went out, to have a branch coffee to help us wake up; also to have a few more memories to keep safe of the people and adventures we had had there.

But after such lovely time we had, time was hushing us home again. But it wasn't my time now yet, as I had another half-a-day in the french metropolis. Funny is to see how the land shifts as we move souther in the continent; how the language changes, the way of being in the environment, the way people dress and their day-to-day doing. And I thus wonder, if there is such a change in such a little gap, between London and Paris, I wonder how grand will these changes be when I leave the European borders to embrace the remaining lands over the mountain? 

A quick about, before dinner, at Cour Saint-Émilion, suggestion of Alizée, to see not only but also this market, a former building that was after converted into this kind of street market, with plenty of restaurants and galleries, worth to pay a visit to. A thing that I tried to see again but realised the reason why we didn't go the first time I visited Paris, was Le Gare Montparnasse.
The first time I came here, I witnessed one of the best sunsets over Paris I've ever seen but had no chance to record it. So, when faced again with that giant building and the possibilities to be made on that terrace, I just didn't took the change this day because of the certainty that this day wasn't the ideal day to do it an also the acquired fact that I would be there again, soon enough to try again this attempt of a magical photograph still to be accomplished... it shall be done, that is certain. When or under which conditions, that I'm yet to know.

Monday morning, and the room that was once lively and very folky, was now empty to none but two people; me and Alizée. A drink a tea and grab a biscuit, pick up your backpack; don't forget half of the stuff behind. But please, do not get late to the coach!

I do not yet understand why I push myself so much to get to thing right on the limbo. Is it that felling the rush and questioning the possibility of the already arranged; what can come due to that was not accomplished, when the reason why we went there had been already satisfied to the marrow, not making the last step puts us in that very questionable situation of "damn, what next?"
This felling of the uncertain is.... very.... very good a-having!

And for now, we stay here.

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