Saturday, 1 September 2012

Looking for Spain - The wild lands

There is not much I could speak of Santander, for we didn't see much of it. I guess that, after all we had seen, arriving this city made us realize the pace and traffic of a modern city. Noise, noise, noise; traffic all around, people everywhere… indeed not what we, or at least I had in mind for our discoveries. To take in consideration though that, places like such are always good to be experienced, even if for the simple reason of enhancing the good places we might discover ahead. So never think that what you do is wrong, for it might take you to a very beautiful destination.

Santander stayed where it is known to be. And so did we: travelling. Being so close to it, it would be impossible not to pass through Picos de Europa. Such beauty and wonder was to grand to make me convince the rest of the people that we should go there. As for what we could do, or not, I left to my dad.
Thus, while already at the National Park, we stopped to grab a coffee (to notice that coffee in Spain has been improved tremendously on the last couple of years. Cheers!) and a bottle of water, when I asked where we where heading. My father simply replied: to a very nice place, in Fuente Dé.
Following less the digital map and more the signs (at this point we didn't trust it very much) in hopes to get there soon. As Fuente Dé was getting nearer, the mountains became big and steep; as so became my eyes, full of excitement!
If you don't know what Fuente Dé is... let me explain to you. This is one of the many spots in Picos de Europa where you can go to to then treek, or get the cable car to get up to the mountains. This one in particular, was a way up to about 1800m, always a breathtaking way up.

Even though I was eager to do the treek (about 1 hour walk), I was convinced not to go, for if I had any troubles, having no way of contacting no one would be troublesome and could compromise the whole journey. So, rather than walking for an hour, we waited for 3 long hours, enough time for my dad to rest from the tiresome car journeys, and enough time to follow a route opposite of the one leading the mountain, this proved to be staggering, for after a 20 minute treek, I found a spot that was just beautiful and made me wanna go up to those misty mountains.

At last, after many walks and talks, time was for us to go up and up and ever higher. Rocky and vast, was the landscape we no embraced. Miles and miles of land for one to be lost in; plenty of paths to take and walk, for as many hours as hours can be put on.

So enormous were this formations that, only to give you an example of it's plentitude, the photograph bellow has people in it. But they are nothing but a small black dot, right under the light on the hill. It is how magnificent these parts of Spain can be.

Funny how what fells good seems to fly. This is how this travel was running: way too fast for what was to be seen. Yet, we had to carry on and keep the memories of we had passed through safe in our heart, and keep the fresh so that, whenever one was, fly back to the exact moment where we felt a shiver, or felt fear for what was ahead of us; the amazing texture of the grass and the warm, yet chilly sensation of the wind dacing around us. Yet, we had to move on.

To have dinner, of course. First we eat, then we look for a shelter. We were recommended a good traditional restaurant at the north edge of Picos. The food, so delicious it was, came fast to our hungry stomaches, so fast that the photograph of our desert wasn't taken in time to be preserved. Nonetheless, I won't forget the softness of the creamy cheese, combined with the crunchiness of the dough. The sounds and pleasure that my body felt as, bit by bit, such a desert was being tasted by the four of us. Sometimes I even thought how such food can be eaten by such people... this is food from heaven.

Such an amazing dinner had to had consequences: there was no place for four people to stay around. Hence, we drove, for miles to be lost, stopping here and there to try our luck. At the end, after two long ours of search, almost were the possibility of sleeping in the car was getting more of a reality, a shelter appeared in front of us.

Tired and fatigued, we hurried our bodies to the comfort of the bed.

And for now, we stay here...

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