Friday, 31 August 2012

Looking for Spain - On the way to Santader

On we went, leaving Bilbao behind. The road is our fellow friend and time our allie. We move at the pace we decide to set, and the land shape itself in front of our eyes. Others pass by us, with the very same blazing look; an adventurer, of an intense tranquilness that push us forward, towards Santander.

As we get closer and closer, the mountains start to get more dense and big (Picos de Europa are getting nearer). We cannot see them yet but, being closer from the big family of rocky mountains do have an impact on the landscape. The land become more steep, less flat. However, it seems like the place to be at the time. Going forth, until our very last stop of the day.

It was almost dawn when we got here. And being tired as we were, our bodies didn't wanted to walk very much. Also, the city was too metropolitan for the likes of our journey, hence deciding not to round about as much but rather go for a little walk and rest more, for there are still many days ahead of us.

After a small snack, we walked back to our dodgy, loud and only available place for us to stay at; a rental studion, almost at the outskirts of Santander. There were no commodities like a lot of us would want to have. Anyway, all we needed was there: a bed, a shower a morning breakfast, and free wifi, to look up for ways and wheres to go on our big journey!

Not knowing for sure how nor when to making a head of, we go to sleep, waiting for what tomorrow will bring!

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