Friday, 21 December 2012

Day at the hospital

Long was this day, for everyone. And not light, at all. My brother had a surgery on the past Wednesday and like every surgery, either simple or indeed complicated, people get a little anxious and we all hope for our beloved to leave the operation room. His, in particular, last 15 minutes, wish is nothing but still, either my mum and dad felt a little tense about all this.

Anyhow, he came out and there waited, for hours and hours to come, in the room, waiting for doctors and nurses to come to check is status, make sure everything was checked and no issue was to come post-surgery. From little walks around the room, pain in abdomen area and boredom, we all stood and did the best to make things run a little quicker. Oh, I forgot... he got in the hospital at 8 o'clock, only to leave with the all of us at 7.00 p.m.. No reason to say that spending a whole day in the hospital is something we care to avoid, if possible!

But still, we endured. From a movie screen, a few games and conversations in between, we there did all at our hand (perhaps not at everyone's eyes) to make the place the comfiest possible. Yet, this is an hospital, hence having a feeling of cold and uncertainty in it, no matter what might be the situation...
At the end of day, already night had covered the city with his big vast mantle, we left. And from this point on, a few weeks of no-runnin'-around await my brother. Everything to prevent his wound to open up again.

But for now, we wait for him to get, step by step, better!


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