Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vienna, the walk around

Vienna, a city that never stopped surprising me. From its history, folklore and museums; the little markets along the canal; their people... this is a city that everyone should breathe.

So it all started on the 28th of December. I was already settled at Cat's house and, between the folk brakes (barely nonexistent), but more after the folky marathon, a city was waiting to be visited.
From the lust of the Palaces that now hold some of the most famous Austrian artists, such as Gustav Klimt; the surreal world of Magritte; to be lost in awe on the streets of the 18th century, once four-occupied city, I went around and around, seeing as much as the time allowed me, considering that the main purpose was the folk marathon, that took almost two thirds of the time I had reserved to be there. I want to focus a section only to the folk marathon, so let's not loose track of things.

One of the highlights in Vienna had nothing to do with the city, nor arts, but it's gastronomy. I was proposed by Manu to see how a proper Apple Strudel is made. We made a shop list and thus walked to the market, to get local apples, to get that Viennese strudel like flavour to it. Even though there are no pictures of it, and no recipe - yet -, I can tell you it was a very funny experience!


Moreover, only the ancient architecture, the german-like influenced structure and soviet palette give the city a very blend, yet unique style. We pass by history and in some parts of Viena, this feeling is very sharp and present.

From ancient churches, cathedrals, palaces, it's music, food, their people, the markets, gardens, views, smells... a world of things to see, do and fell that will for sure let one be astonished by it's magnificent humbleness.

A city that will keep impress many, for as many time time allows it.

PS:. Coming up next, the folk in Vienna :D

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