Sunday, 27 November 2011

Last Sunday me and Anna went Twickenham, where we had the pleasure of listening and talk with one of the best american-folk players ever: Bruce Moslky!

However, knowing that this area is known for having deer, we thought it could be a good think to do, before  going to our gig, pass through one of the many huge parks in the surrounding and try our luck. No deer we found but an incredibly surreal experience, that's for sure! As we walked into the parks, the fog became thicker and, at some point, no matter how much we tried to look through the deep foggy dew, no sign of life, apart from the impressionist drafts of trees; grey and blue was all we could see.

Once we manage to get out of that dreamlike place - still don't know why I wanted to stay there - we carry on for about a mile and tadaaaaaa! Bruce Molsky in front of you, with you, playing for you, for us, for the whole world! This was the last Molky's gig in the UK, after 3 months of ups and downs through the land. He said it was an amazing journey although he wanted to go home know :)

A waltz/mazurka during the gig sure add something to the gig(I can still recall a man's expression when the music ended and we stopped dancing: "woooooooooow" face), one that I'll sure remember!


  1. o lado sombrio das terras da rainha
    dependendo do ponto de vista claro.
    e os leprechauns João?

    1. os leprechauns andam para os irlandas, e não tarda muito vão aparecer aqui! :D