Saturday 17 November 2012

Cadansa - first round

The night was short, and the rest little. It was around 10 a.m when we were woken up by Eva, for a gourmet breakfast. A breakfast like this is something I didn't experienced in a very long time: delicious and vast, enough to fill a whole CaDansa group of people. And we needed it, even though we had no appetite for more than just the necessary. This was going to be a very long day so, we decided to take it very slowly and calm.
No of us portuguese people staying at Eva's had booked any workshop - out of 10, seven were portuguese! - hence giving us room to rest a bit more, if needed, talk, play the piano, which of the morning, was indeed the nicest thing we did, until everyone was awake, fresh and alive, ready for a very looong day.

Even though we could have had straight to the ball, we found clever to visit the centre first. Also because Tatiana needed an elastic wrist and Ana was looking for some Stroopwafels, a two large flat waffle cookie, with caramel in the middle, from a specific vending stall in the market, indicated to her to be one of the best to have in Utrecht. Though short, our ride to the centre (always on bicycle), we were yet able to have a good impression of it. Very simple, small flats displayed in a very organised, clean city, filled with bicycles in every corner of the city, with a grand, old tower of a cathedral, rising to the top at the very center of the city, to see and be seen from every spot around the city. Quite magnificent Dom Tower is. Biggest church tower in the whole of the flat lands and marks the very point from which the city began to expand, since around 2000 years; gothic in style.

As the day turned into night, we look at our interpretations of time and cycled back to the ball, were magic would be made. And my guess wasn't wrong.
Batteries recharged, mind set and mood on the right spot. Still, I was many times surprised for what I was witnessing... simpleness and beauty. I think the beauty of those two words can describe what I lived during this time. And because word miss me to fully tell you what I've seen, let photographs explain you the rest...

It was around 3.00 a.m when the official ball ended. And tiredness was the look on everyone's faces. Happy, but tired. Despite the time though, the jam session was still coming, with a game right before it. This game was more of a chalenge for the musicians rather than the dancers. It was called Battle Mazurka. In this game, the musicians playing had to play any music they liked, that not a mazurka and, after the end of it, play that same song, as a mazurka. A funny game to relax and enjoy transit from the heath of the ball to the peacefulness of the jam.

At the end of it, the few remaining dancers helped cleaning and making the hall tidy again for the incoming sessions and workshops of the last day of what was being so far the right place to be.

And for now, we stay here.

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